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Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Do I have to be to train?

You must be 18 years old or have a parent/guardian written permission. The minimum age to begin training is 12.

Is there a limit on how old you can be to train?

This question seems to come up a lot, and the answer is NO! We have had students as old as 55 training here, so do not think you are too old to give wrestling a shot.

What type of shape do I have to be in?

Wrestling is a very vigorous, athletic endeavor. We encourage you to be in good shape to meet the demands of training. That being said, we have people of all sizes and athletic abilities training here. Do not put off being a wrestler because you don't feel like you're in good enough shape, training will get you in better shape than you will accomplish on your own time.

Strength, endurance, agility and a good physique are all very important to a wrestler?s career. We suggest engaging in a solid physical conditioning program outside of your wrestling training. A regimen consisting of plyometrics, weight training, sprints and calisthenics should be a good starting point. Proper nutrition is also essential to achieving/maintaining a good physique. If you are new to weight training getting a personal trainer to show you how to lift with correct form would be a good idea.

To get some more information about training/nutrition programs we suggest visiting www.bodybuilding.com.

What is the price of training?

We charge $20/month and you must pay a $500 membership up front to beginn training. We do accept credit cards.

Considering how many wrestling schools charge an upfront tuition of anywhere from $1500-$5,000 you are getting a very good deal at only $20 a month.

What kind of gear do I need to train?

Most students just wear basketball/athletic shorts, flat soled sneakers and t-shirts when training. We suggest getting a pair of soft padded knee and elbow pads, which we sell at our facility if you would prefer to buy them here. If you plan on wrestling with a mask it is a good idea to train with it on to get used to it. You may want to consider getting a pair of wrestling boots eventually, as they provide more protection for your ankles/feet when taking some of the moves.

I am more interested in becoming a manager/referee do I still need to get trained first?

Yes, you need to have proper training for any role that requires you to be in the ring. All managers and referees at some point will have to get in the action during a match and need to be prepared to take the moves safely. Managers and referees receive the same initial training as the wrestlers.

So when do I get to have my first match?

This is probably the question we get asked the most.

First and foremost you need to realize wrestling is a very physical contact sport; going into a match unprepared is of no benefit to you and could lead to a serious injury.

We make the decision to put you in your first match on how quickly you are able to learn all the skills essential to having a match. There is no set time limit to this; each decision is made on an individual basis.

Is backyard wrestling a good way to get started?

No it is not, and we do not encourage anyone to wrestle without having formal instruction. Not only is backyard wrestling inherently dangerous, it does nothing to prepare you for a successful career.

Think about it, would you trust a high school dropout who watches ER every week and thinks he knows the medical profession to perform surgery on you? We think not. Our trainers have decades of combined professional experience to show you the right way to go about your career.

If you would like to prepare yourself before you actually begin wrestling we suggest you start hitting the weight room, find a good diet plan, and even look into taking a basic acting class. These are things that will keep you healthy and ensure you can wrestle for many years to come. Hitting your friends with weapons and taking high risk maneuvers is not going to do anything for you, other than possibly lead to a permanent injury.

I have this great gimmick I want to do, can I tell you all about it?

We have found nearly every student initially comes in here with a character already in mind. However once they make it past training and begin their careers they almost always find their way into a new character that works better for them. Learning this business is a process and a good gimmick will come with time. Knowing the fundamentals of how to properly work a match is really what you should be focusing on in the beginning.

What is in this library you speak of?

We have assembled an enormous collection of wrestling videos as well as books. You can learn from watching/reading and you can also check these out for your own enjoyment. Its free to all members of our facility and you are highly encouraged to take advantage of it.

Who are your trainers?

Tuesday night classes are held by Mr. #1 George South; he has almost 30 years experience and has been featured on WWF, NWA, and WCW TV. This class is geared towards all students from beginners to the most advanced and seasons wrestlers looking for fine tuning.Both Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat personally asked George to train their sons because they know he still teaches the essential basic principals that have been lost over time and provide the groundwork for a successful career in pro wrestling. Once you are working out with George, you'll also learn what it means to "pay your dues' and you will travel and see the best and worst that is out there in pro wrestling.

What guarantees do you make?

We cannot guarantee you will "make it big" in the world of professional wrestling. Our goal is to give you the proper tools and preparation to become a wrestler. What you choose to do with your career is ultimately up to you. Like anything else in life, only the best make it to the top of their field. We can guarantee that.